Sunday, 9 October 2011

The Kids Are All Right


So, since I last blogged the media has been going crazy with adoption stuff which is rather wonderful to see.  Now whenever I talk about our adoption process, people love to tell me the latest statistics and about how we desperately need adopters.  So that's nice! Sort of.  I think it's shut up the people who were worried that the evil gays were stealing all the babies from the poor infertile straight couples.  Hurrah! 

I read a study the other day that said two mums are better than a mum and a dad.  I'm rather sceptical of this piece of evidence, I have to say.  Because although gay people definitely have to think about parenthood a lot more than straight couples do (they can't just have a quickie and 9 months later along comes a baby), I don't believe that we are inherently better parents.  I have many straight friends who are wonderful parents and I don't think for one moment that my sexuality has any real bearing on my parenting skills.  Although I do believe that we will be just as good!  My other half has read almost every parenting book ever written at this point and that's got to help.  Although I sometimes can't help wondering when "being prepared" moves into being strangely obsessive...I wonder what the social workers will say!  So far I have read 2 books, and discussed the others with her...sort of!  By discussed, I mean that she has read out loud any of the more amusing anecdotes and I have laughed.  The book reading thing is normal behaviour for her anyway.  The same thing happened with survival skills a few years back, and then gardening...and now parenting!  It's funny though because the more books she reads, the more contradictions there are.  I guess you only really find out the right way when there's a child in your house that requires its needs to be met!

So...what else has happened?!  The twins have been born and they are gorgeous and fuzzy and lovely.  So that was exciting.  Work is crazily busy which makes me wonder how parents do it!  Roll on half term!  And I have volunteered for a new head of department job at school (I'm not sure if that makes me a bit crazy) which would mean that I definitely won't be the one going on the adoption leave.  Some areas of our lives are moving crazily fast and others incredibly slow (we seem to have been waiting an awfully long time for this prep course!).  The overall effect being similar to when I was forced into running when I was at school; somehow my legs went faster than my body and I often fell over.  Well, metaphorically speaking I haven't fallen over yet and let's hope it stays that way!

Oh yes...the title of my blog.  The Kids Are All Right!  We watched the film last night and had a sniffle or two.  It definitely makes me glad that we're not using a sperm donor!  I thought it was incredibly well done actually and quite moving.  I'm not sure what else I have to say about it really.  I'm not much of a film critic!

Anyhow.  I shall be in touch if anything else exciting happens.  Only three and bit weeks til the training course...exciting but scary!

Thanks for the comments some people have been leaving.  It's lovely to know that people are reading my ramblings.  It makes a person feel much less mad to know they are not just talking to themself!

Take care everyone x