Friday, 13 April 2012

Sorry it's been so long!


Long time no blog...sorry.  Rather a lot has been going on lately!

So the reason I didn’t blog about our next social worker visit is because it didn’t happen because our social worker was ill.  We were half expecting her to show up anyway as lots of the people on our prep course said that they had had social workers turning up early or late to gauge how you react to a change from what was expected.  However, she didn’t turn up and instead we did the things we were going to cover (male role models, community etc.) as homework.  The male role models thing was quite difficult for us as we’re not big on social stereotypes, my partner especially.  I sort of think that they are part of society and whilst I’m not going to go around buying a little boy action men and telling him he can only dig holes, play football and wear blue, I also want that child to fit in and be happy as part of the society we live in, and if he wants to play football, dig holes and wear blue, I’m not going to start trying to book him into ballet classes to prove how PC I am.  Not sure if that makes sense but the point is that we think kids choose their own role models, and gender doesn’t come into it too much.  But they will have some lovely fake uncles (our friends) and granddads so we just wrote about worries.

Our social worker has done all our referee visits now and they all seemed to go well.  Obviously they are confidential but our friends have told us most of what they said.  One of my friends said that it’s very weird talking in such depth about your close friends to a complete stranger, and afterwards she felt like she had somehow violated our trust.  I said that the whole process is a bit like that and not to worry!

But June is fast approaching and they have said that it is more likely to be 2 months from then rather than two years, so we’re getting rather excited.  I know, it’s a dangerous game to get excited as it still could be two years but sometimes I think you just have to go with your emotions rather than trying to squash them.  One of our friends said that they think we are definitely pregnant now.  Anyway, the upshot of this is that we have made a few key purchases!  I don’t know if it’s weird to buy things now but we have bought a tree wall sticker as we thought that would work for any age, and we have bought a bed for our new third bedroom as well as a few other bits.  I asked my friends with kids what things we could legitimately buy for a 1-3 year old of either gender and I think we pretty much have them all now!  My Mum also gave me a push along horse which my Grandpa made for her when she was a’s awesome!  I love old things and it makes the room look more like home.

So yes, we’re home now.  There have been a few incidents, namely that they laid the wrong carpet (A BLACK ONE!) and it’s sisal so it’s actually glued to the floor.  So we have a black carpet in our nursery and our whole house looks more 80s bachelor pad than modern family home...ho will be sorted in 2 weeks time.  Sigh!

Sorry if this post is a little feels like there’s a lot to say!  We have another meeting with our social worker booked for 2 weeks today (the last one, where she shows us the PAR for our approval).  So that’s a bit exciting, and we’re still gearing up for panel in June.

I hope you are all well, and sorry it’s been a while!