Sunday, 16 September 2012

Sad elephants!


Last night something was obviously tapping against our bedroom window and I had a weird, vivid dream that a stork was outside. I'm hoping it's prophetic but I suspect not. Anyhow, it put me in mind of this song from Dumbo and at the moment, my partner and I feel really rather like the wistful elephant!

Our social worker called over a week ago to say that they were just about to have a meeting and she couldn't remember..we did still want a little one didn't we?  And we didn't mind if it was one.  I called her on Monday to try and find out more...was told to call back on Thursday to find out more...and then we were told there was still no news so she would be in touch next week.  Apparently the children's social workers have our PARs but that is all we know.  Presumably this is promising and at least it means they are thinking about us.  I'm hopeful that we might hear something this week.  The fact that I am hopeful is wonderful in itself as hope has been rather low on my list of most frequent emotions lately! School is busy and mad but I'm managing.  I'm still hoping we will hear something soon as this is so hard! This waiting is just so unbelievably hard...I can't even begin to explain!  We are so ready. We are always looking up at the sky like the hopeful elephant and then hanging our heads and feeling rather wistful.

Ho hum...

I will keep you posted.

In other news, two people from our prep course have been matched! It all happened in about a month and we are so happy for them! So if you are also a prospective adopter reading this, the is hope! It isn't all bad and sad!

Take care all....I'm off to make flapjack and hum the Mr Stork song...crazy much?!