Thursday, 12 September 2013

Relaxation! For WASO

How I relax has changed a lot over the last few months.  I used to love nothing more than spending a few hours in the kitchen making things like macaroons!  I really admire my friends who ACTUALLY DO THINGS of an evening.  I rush around like a mad thing tidying up while Mama does Squiblet's bath and then as soon as Squiblet is in her cot I collapse in a heap on the sofa, check Facebook, check my emails...sometimes look at Twitter although I don't fully understand what to do!  And then I watch TV for an hour, have a cuddle with Mama and then usually it's bedtime!  Not very glamorous.  I'm definitely not one for baking cakes at that time of day.  I suspect they wouldn't taste very nice as I like to have time and space to cook properly.

How I used to relax:

How I relax (this was Squiblet and I earlier today - we both have the sniffles!):

But having said that, Squiblet is actually now pretty good at baking!  She can crack eggs and spoon and dollop pretty well.  So we make cakes together.  I think I'll have to wait until she's at least three before I teach her the art of the macaroon but for now we'll make do with wonderful gloopy, chocolatey and slightly tacky cakes that we're still both proud of!

All for now! It's nap time and I think I fancy a cup of tea!

Holiday next week....WAHOOOOOOO! *keeping fingers firmly crossed that nothing jinxes it this time!*



  1. I'll eat that gloopy, chocolatey and slightly tacky cake any day! I also like to bake with Jonathan, and my step son, although my things don't turn out nearly as nice as yours!

  2. Enjoyed reading your post - I understand not having as much time as you used to to bake. I also love the sentence about not understanding how to quite use Twitter - def can relate to that one too!!

  3. She knows how to crack eggs?! Wow! That's good going :) My son is 2 and I don't let him near the eggs yet. His main jobs are stirring things, holding the mixer with me, scooping, and putting the sweets on top of the cup cakes :) Mind you, I'm not an epic baker myself - I've taken it up since becoming a parent because, you know, it seems like something a mum should do! Your creations look awesome :)