Friday, 7 February 2014

1 year of WASO...time for more reflection!

Today me and my small but perfectly formed family are enjoying a classic middle class mini break at Center Parcs.  Everyone has been blogging like mad in the spirit of "one year of WASO, hurrah!" And it seemed rude not to contribute! Well done to Sarah and Vicki for starting such a great thing. Both Laura and I find The Adoption Social really useful and I'm sure Squiblet will when she's a bit older.  Thank you both for all your hard work!

My blogging regularity has become rather constipated lately.  I guess I am rather an IBS blogger in that sometimes I splurge out words in a rather unpleasantly chaotic fashion and then I dry up!  I'm hoping that when Squiblet starts pre school I will feel like I have the time to blog again. I'm not great at typing and writing in the evening on account of my dodgy eyes.  It's 20.07...I'd better be quick before all the words start blurring into one and who knows what I'll end up publishing!

As you know, if you have been following our journey, this year has been huge for us. Squiblet is no longer a small, pale thing who's interests include anything which isn't found in a living room.  She's a dude.  She's got pizazz and a confidence which I just hope she will hold on it for her whole life because I know that I lost mine for periods of my life and life is just so much more fun when you love it and live it and are interested in everything!

I'll give you some classic Squiblet episodes from the last few weeks...

We walked past the fishmonger on the way home and Squiblet marched in.  We didn't need any fish.
"hello, Man! Please I have a look your fish?" Says a cheery 2 1/2 year old Squibs
"Will you get your step for me please?"
So the jolly fishmonger (who must be in his twenties) politely obeyed and proceeded to show Squiblet his wares.  We left with a bag of haddock, even though Squibs wanted monkfish (the girl will go far.)

This morning while I was still in bed:
"Mummy, something really slimy under the table, come and see!"
It was a dead frog which had been brought in by one of our cats.  Squib went and found Rosie the cat and said:
"Thank you Rosie but we like our frogs in the summer going ribbett ribbett ribbett not!"

She's great! She's expressive and funny and has a wicked sense of humour.  She's also huge (98th centile)...we were told when I did my degree that kids grow when they are loved.  She has whoomphed her way up the centile charts in quite an extraordinary fashion.  She's just over 2 1/2 and is taller than loads of 3-4 year olds we know.  I think that's why she seems so quirky because she has the vocabulary, height and confidence of a 4 year old without the social know how! I just think it's wonderful and I think stranger danger can wait as currently there's no opportunity for strangers to present dangers. If she smiles at someone and they don't smile back she looks at me soberly and says "that lady not smile at me Mummy, she a bit grumpy today...maybe she a bit <hungry> <cold> <sad>"

And what of us?  What of Mummy and Mama, Jemma and Laura as was.  Well we are good! Now is not a good time to ask as we both have a really hideous sinusitis which we are struggling on with.  As a couple, we feel like the time is right now for us to spend a bit more time together.  But equally we love spending time just the three of us.  There's a real ease to the way we all coexist at the moment. Squibs learned to use the potty a couple of weeks ago and it's boosted her confidence. She just chats the whole time, and will amuse herself more easily, which is great as I think having more time for solo play is helping her develop her sense of self.  I love to listen to her nattering away to herself as she plays with her playmobil house.

Squiblet's social worker is coming next week with her life story book and we have read her later life letter. It made me cry, of course it did, but it is well read and makes sense, and now we know what to prepare her for as we tell and retell and embellish the story as she grows up and is ready for details.

So that's been our year! 20.23 and I'm signing out to spend some of that time with my wife I was just talking about.  Even if that quality time will probably involve sitting in bed and inhaling eucalyptus steam! I'm 30 now.  I'm not glamorous or special, I'm not extraordinary, but I can reflect on my 30 years and feel confident and happy that I'm where I want to be...and who knows what will happen in the next 30 years!

  • Love to all x


  1. I smiled so much through reading that. A really lovely post Jemma xx

    Thanks for all your support with #WASO and The Adoption Social and thanks also for linking this lovely heart warming post too x

  2. Squiblet sounds just adorable and you are creating such a loving childhood for her. We had lots of growth from our youngest once he came to live with us so we always say that hugs make you grow. Hope you enjoy Center Parcs and that you both feel better soon.

    Thanks for supporting and linking up with #WASO

  3. What a lovely post! My boy is massive for his age too. Last August lots of people asked me what school he would be starting at . . . he's not due to go for two more years!!

  4. You are special! Full of love, intelligence and creative talent. Squiblet is a very lucky girl to become your daughter! I love following the blog, don't stop writing!