Monday, 18 August 2014

Squib's 3rd Birthday: A toddler tea party!

Howdy folks.

Those of you who read this blog regularly will know that Squib's birthday was ages ago but I wanted to share what we did for her party as it went really well and she had such a great time as did all the grown ups and kiddies (I think!)

We were lucky enough to have Granny and Grandad around helping with washing up and serving so I actually managed to enjoy it - I KNOW, I surprised myself there!

So Mumsnet folk said don't serve anything healthy and don't cater for the adults.  I ignored them.  To me it seems a bit rude to have adults there at lunch time and not feed them.  So we made hundreds of sandwiches, scones, sausage rolls and mini meringues and they all went down a treat!

I've included a photo summary and will give details of what we did:

I think 2/3 year olds are better with an unstructured party so we had three main things going on and they could pick and choose.  And Squib got a trampoline for her birthday which provided entertainment too.

Cake stand decorating:
I bought some super thick card and googled a cake stand template and made cupcake stands for the children to decorate with stickers, pens and glitter glue.  This was more popular with some than others but was fun!

Messy play:
This was all done in our new builders' tray.  I made three lots of play dough - chocolate (add cocoa), ginger (add ginger) and vanilla and oat (add vanilla and oats) all made to The Imagination Tree's wonderful no cook recipe.  We had coloured rice in sprinkles pots, rolling pins, silicone cake cases, a piping bag sealed up and filled with shaving foam, candles, foam shapes, plastic knives, doilies, a flour shaker.  It was great!  They had a brilliant time.  Some of them enjoyed making pretend cakes and biscuits and some of them just got stuck in but they all seemed to enjoy it.  We also had a water tray with herbal tea bags, a tea pot and cups, but this was less popular.

Tea room:
I set up a pretend play tea room with real mini biscuits (mini party rings and oreos), a new tea set which was Emma Bridgewater like our one at home, flowers on the table and real water and sugar cubes and aprons to wear.  Squib dived straight in here as soon as she woke up and was very excited!

We did do a pass the parcel at Squib's request but to be honest I don't think the kids really get it at that age!

Cake sandwiches (a special request from Squib!) which were maderia cake bread with fondant ham and cheese and buttercream butter.
Fairy bread - bread buttered and covered with sprinkles
Crudites and dips
Mini meringues
Mini sandwiches
Tea bag biscuits
And the cake was the shape of a tea pot.  Squib was really confused when I brought it out as she didn't realise it was a cake! I bought these hemisphere moulds from Lakeland and made the handle and spout with florists' wire with marshmallows threaded on and then iced.

Party bags:
I made biscuits from salt dough and then stamped the children's names on and coloured the stamping in with a Sharpie.  I then stuck velcro on with UHU so that they could separate and change the fillings.
Then we found some made a cake for a bird (bird seed and a silicone cupcake mould) in The Works and put those in as the main gift.
I think it had some chocolate buttons and a balloon as well.

All the children played happily, and there was plenty to munch.  It was such a good day!  It's making me smile to remember it.  Hope it gives some of you some ideas! :)


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  2. Nice idea. Thanks for the good article.

  3. I have just included a link from my fostering blog to yours - I hope you might link to mine!

  4. It looks fabulous!:)
    Have lot's inspiration!:) I also organize a small party for my nephew!:)
    Thank's for ideas!:)

  5. Hey!! Great to see this birthday party arrangements. Hope you had a lovely time together. Loved your party favors especially the biscuits with children name on them. Now I am planning to have these biscuits for my son’s birthday too that will be arranged at one of NYC venues. Thanks for sharing.