Sunday, 18 September 2011

Back to reality!

No real adoption news (not until the training course in November) so this is just another rambly update for those who are interested!

So, after my first paid summer as a teacher I'm back to work with a crash!  I'm not sure I've ever felt so tired, but it seems like everyone at school is the same!  Only 5 weeks 'til half term!  And I'm sure those 5 weeks will go very quickly!  I hope so, and I hope I grow a pair soon and stop feeling so utterly pooped!  For those of you with "real jobs" who are thinking "what's she moaning about - part timer!" I get in at 7.30 and leave at 5.15pm three days a week, 6pm one day and 10.30pm another day.  That is quite a lot of hours!

It makes me wonder how people cope with having jobs and children.  I know that I will be part time for a while but will probably have to go back full time when our little person starts school.  Teaching seems like such a convenient career for having children but it's so time consuming and exhausting!  The holidays are awesome, though!

I have been telling some of my colleagues about the adoption and they are all wonderfully positive which is nice!  It's great to know that the all important support network that the social workers always talk about really is in place.  The other thing that keeps happening is that on the New Family Social message boards, loads of people are going from training course to placement within a few months with approval and matching panels happening on the same day.  I had previously thought that this was unheard of and that it always took years and years so I find this both exciting and scary!  We have to have our extension built but I guess after that we are good to go in a physical sense, but my brain and heart were prepared for a long old wait and the prospect of a short wait definitely gives me butterflies!  We shall have to wait and see...

Just a short blog as I have work to do! :(  Sigh!  Hopefully next time I blog I will be full of beans again!

Hope everyone else is enjoying September.  I love the Autumn: our three year civil partnership anniversary is coming up soon along with our ten year anniversary of being a couple.  It's a big year for us!


  1. Hi Gemma,
    I have had quite a laugh and giggle at reading your blog from start to finish, what u have said is exactly the same as what i have been thinking. Me and my partner first got interested in March and only last week we had our 3 day training course. Just the whole waiting game now, wish they would speed things up or am i just being a little pushy, hmmmm...... keep up the blogs, it makes a great read!
    Lisa x

  2. Hi Lisa,

    Thanks very much indeed, it's great to have some positive feedback as I do worry that I'm just rambling on sometimes!

    Hope your prep course was good. We're looking forward to ours (not long now). My computer keeps autocorrecting prep to Oreo! I'm sure an Oreo course would be much more fun!

    I shall blog again once I feel I have some blogworthy news!

    Thanks for your comment and take care!