Friday, 2 September 2011

Getting excited about babies (not our babies...yet!)

So the last couple of weeks have been filled with visits to my friends with children and lovely massively pregnant friend. It's all very exciting and heart warming and makes me feel really great that when we do adopt lots of my friends are starting families too and we can all be jolly young families together.

I haven't much to add this post as nothing much has happened. We made a decision regarding the fostering because we are biting the (oh so chilly) bullet and probably going to do the extension over the winter which means it could start in a month or so (scary times!). I am seriously excited about the prospect of a child friendly, massive kitchen though so I think that will make it worth it. On the subject of that, I have been reading, a wonderful blog about a dad who cooks with the cutest toddler. It's close to my heart as cooking is something I'm really passionate about and want to share with our children. The veal escalopes clip is particularly hilarious! I've just bought my brother the cook book for his birthday and I really want it now! The other awesome thing on the blog is that he puts Archie (the toddler) in this thing called a fun pod, a piece of furniture designed to make a toddler worktop height without them falling out...might have to get me one of those! All very fun and makes me think about the future in a dreamy, rose-tinted sort of a way. I think that's ok every once in a while given that the rest of the time we are ploughing through a mountain of books explaining how and why our children will most certainly come with a whole bundle of issues we need to work through with them.

Two other random thoughts for this post are:

1. Bear Factory clothing, how can it be more expensive than real, adult clothing?! It's probably cheaper to hire a nanny and pay for your child to dress them than buy one of those bears. I went there with my friend's little girl; she bought a dress and some roller-skates and didn't get much change from £15. Truly absurd! But my friend was awesome, as it was her daughter's pocket money she was allowed to buy whatever she wanted and we all waited patiently while she counted out her money at the till despite the massive queue behind us. When I was a child I never would have been permitted to purchase such an extravagant post office savings account was actively encouraged and my mum would help me to make clothes for my toys. I like the idea that (within limits), my friend's child could choose what she spent her money on, although I also like the fact that my mum encouraged creativity and saving! I will keep you posted (maybe...if I'm still blogging in 5 years time!) as to what my method would be.

2. I've been sharing this clip with everyone because I think it is hilariously true, so for those of you who read this you may get a laugh from it. It has nothing to do with adoption!


p.s. Back to school on Monday but will try and keep you posted with adoption stuff (and you will probably be glad to know you will get less of the random extras!)

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