Monday, 7 November 2011

Day 2 of Prep Course...and now much less overwhelmed!

Hello folks,

Great day today. Loads to think about. We saw some really moving films and talked about the different kinds of abuse which was quite emotional, but then we focused on what the impact on the child will be and, more importantly, how we can address and improve that behaviour. There was much more group work and discussion which I found really helpful. The day started with us, as a group, ordering different behaviours into acceptable and unacceptable, things like biting, swearing etc. it was a really interesting activity and got us all talking and thinking about things.

I am really pleased we have picked the authority which we decided to go with, the social workers just seem so genuine and really knowledgeable and helpful.

Getting to know the other people on the course has been really good too. We have all swapped email addresses.

We also grouped off into males and females today and discussed our journey to adoption without he social workers being present. As we expected, the other women in our group had longer stories than ours, having come to adoption as a last resort after fertility treatment etc. it was really powerful listening to them and really made me think.

So, that's about it! I'm pooped so I'm not going to say any more!

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