Sunday, 13 November 2011

Food for thought

Finally we have had some free time to catch up with things and really reflect on the course.  I'm flitting between feeling really excited and just catching my breath and feeling a bit scared about the whole thing!

We are now thinking that I won't be our child's main carer as there are opportunities for me at work, whereas my other half doesn't particularly enjoy her job very much!  So the plan would be that I would take a month of adoption leave for introductions and settling in (I think my students can probably cope without me for a month) and she will take that time as paternity leave and holiday, and then we will switcheroo and I will go back to work with her taking the rest of the adoption leave.  We think we will be allowed to do this although I do need to check!  It's quite good that you can share the leave these days!
It is quite a lot to think about as we had sort of always planned for me to be the main carer, not for any real reason, just I guess because I'm the one who bakes the cakes and works with children (albeit grumpy teenagers!).  But actually, on reflection these are really rather superficial reasons, and I think it would be really hard for me to be at home all day sending my other half off to a job she doesn't really enjoy anymore.  So I think that's quite a big decision made.
We are just getting quotes in from builders for our extension so it's a nervous time for us!  It's all very exciting, but as I say..occasionally I catch my breath with the overwhelmingness of it all!
School is crazily busy at the moment and it does make me worry about the future.  Being a teacher you always take your work home with you, but it will be hard to do work when there is a little person needing love and cuddles!  I'm sure we will cross that bridge when we come to it.

In other, more hilarious news, one of my year 7 students exclaimed in my class that asexual reproduction was what lesbians do!  I have to say, if one of us just had to chop off a finger and it would grow into a baby, life would be much easier!  Although I'm not sure I would really want a clone of myself!!  Hideous!  I love the things that kids come out with sometimes!

Time for Sunday night hot chocolate in front of he fire before another crazy week.  Not long 'til Christmas! X

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