Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Quick update!


Just thought I would blog quickly during Mr Tumble! Squiblet only watches 20 minutes of TV a day so I'm making the most of it!

Mama took her swimming today and it was the first time I've been apart from her since she moved in. It was very weird. I felt strangely liberated but also missed her loads! I do miss her cheeky face.

Today we weren't paying her enough attention at lunch time and she started moving her eyebrows up and down and saying "up and down!" It was a. Hilarious and b. Most impressive for an 18 month old! She is so great! She does make us laugh too!  That one is definitely going in the book.

We have been using a little life back pack with her and she is taking independent steps quite confidently with the security of me holding the strap so she knows she is safe. It's great for us as we can tell how much support she is taking, and you can't really when she is holding your hand.

We visited our local surestart playgroup on Monday and it was so great! Loads of fun things to play with, a great mixture of kids and a wonderful safe outdoor play space. The lady who ran it was really kind and helpful and Squiblet had a really good time.  I spoke to a few Mums, but I haven't made any proper friends yet! I'm hoping to make some local Mum contacts soon as all my friends with kids are a little way away.  Hopefully that will happen soon. It's harder to chat and make friends when you are keeping your eyes on a semi-mobile toddler who is covered in glitter! I'll get there! 

I'm a smidge run down at the moment, rather fatigued with a mouthful of ulcers so not feeling my best but Granny is here and Mama is being her usual great self so all is well!

I'm getting pretty used to being a Mummy now. We have been so busy we haven't had too much time for crafting and things yet. I've got plans for Valentines cards, Mother's Day things and salt dough food for her toy kitchen but they can all wait for now!

Rhyme time tomorrow! Exciting!

Our latest kid friendly purchase is an i-guy case for the iPad so that Squiblet can use it and FaceTime her grandparents and things without me needing to help much.

Tumble is over and Squiblet is invading "Mummy, climb!"

Better go!


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