Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Remarkably unremarkable!

Hello chaps.

Sorry for my lack of posts. I guess things have been remarkably unremarkable here so I haven't felt the need to say much.  She's napping at the moment. She is going down for at least 2 hours in the day at the moment.  I think she is just absolutely exhausted from learning to walk. It's nice to have 2 hours in the middle of the day to potter about and settle myself. Yesterday at 4.00 I felt absolutely exhausted! On Mondays my other half gets home late from work (not really late, 5.20 rather than 4.40) but I really feel the difference as it's her crankiest time of day! I wasn't being a terrible mother or anything but I just felt exhausted, like I didn't have the energy to pick her up any more! Physically exhausted!

The article in G3 magazine about lgbt adoption and fostering week is now out. I feel quite proud that someone decided to publish a little bit of my blog. It makes me feel like what I'm writing is worthwhile for more than just me!

I keep wondering about what I will do in a year's time. The half term holiday has made me pensive (has it really been a whole half term (!) off already?! Whether to go back to work, find a different job, remain a full time mum, try and become some sort of mumtrepeneur (!) ...not sure how I would manage that one....hmm. I like to have a plan so I keep pondering it in my head although everyone keeps saying "don't worry about it now, just enjoy your time off" I'm not very good at that! I feel like I won't have the energy for teaching and with all the parents' evenings, reports, homework marking etc etc teaching part time doesn't represent a good work life balance even though the holidays are good. But more than that, teaching just makes you so tired! Some kind of working from home would be good I suppose....or something local.

Hmmm...I ponder and I ponder.

Squiblet is so much more settled now. She really enjoys it when we have visitors, she loves the social interaction and she just seems to enjoy life and have a jolly old time pottering about!

It's glorious sunshine and all the bulbs are popping up in our garden. I've spent the morning playing in the sandpit and pushing my baby on a swing. This time last year we were living in someone else's house whilst ours was knocked down! How life has changed!

Let me know if any of you lovely readers have any suggestions for being a working mum! Or just any toddler amusement suggestions in general!

Much love xx

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