Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Decisions, decisions!

Hello folks,

Well nothing is standing still round here at the moment.  We had another social worker visit yesterday so that's the fourth visit of our home study.  Our social worker thinks we may only need two more and she will have all the information she needs to complete our form.  Crazy!  So we have another two meetings booked in at the beginning of March which means we have a couple of weeks to calm down a little bit.

We went a bit crazy on Saturday.  Firstly we went to see our house which was just looking fantastic.  The wooden cladding (which is the sort of designed element of it) around where the glass doors will go has gone up and they are plastering it this week.  The glass doors won't be in for a couple of weeks but it's really starting to take shape.  I'm definitely looking forward to getting home now.  It's getting a bit stressful, looking after someone's house/post etc. etc. for them.  It will be nice to be home and have all our things around us again.  I'm not a hugely materialistic person but there really is no place quite like home!  After visiting our house we were incredibly excited, and also still buzzing from the visit on Friday so we went to Ikea to plan our family furniture and get more excited about children's things.  It's weird because we don't know if we will need a cot or a bed so we can't buy anything like that but we didn't really go to buy anything anyway, just to get excited, not that we needed to make ourselves more excited.

Then the visit on Monday was really nice.  We're quite relaxed now when we are talking to our social worker and we all have quite a laugh.  I came out with a real clanger!  I was trying to say that I was out at school, and all the staff knew but the children don't, but what I actually said was; "I'm not actively gay with the kids!" I mean, really! "I'm not actively gay with the kids..!" What a bloody ludicrous sentence!  We all had a good chuckle about that and told her not to write that one down!  Then we talked about how we got together, what we felt it would be like being two mums, how we would help the child to be resilient etc.  It was really fun.

We met up with two really good friends of ours last night.  They are just about to embark on a self build project about 15 minutes drive from our house with the intention that it will be a jolly family home filled with babies.  It's exciting to think that in a few years time instead of meeting them for a curry in the evening we will probably all meet up at the zoo etc.

I think I've said the word exciting too many times in this post...you get the idea though...we're quite excited!

Oh yes, which reminds me.  The reason I have allowed myself to throw caution to the wind and unleash the full force of my massive excitement is because we have made a decision about the adoption leave.  Because I'm the one who is looking forward to doing all the jolly middle class mummying activities like baby rhyme time and 'music with mummy', we have decided that I'll take the year, and then I'll go back to work and my partner will go part time.  Because I realised that I was really worried about missing out on being a full time Mum, which is something I've always imagined I will do and have hugely looked forward to.  My partner is happy, so it seems to make sense as she's not really too bothered about the sort of "trappings" of being a Mum, but more about the actual parenting.  We were quite wary of calling it "mummying" as that sounds like we are being really un-PC and the social worker didn't know what to call it in the paperwork, but I mean all the jolly meeting up with other mums and dads social activities - I'm relishing the prospect!

It's all just so exciting!  We're going to be mummies! x

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