Saturday, 25 February 2012

Macaroon baby

Hello everyone.

It’s been a while because we haven’t done much in the way of adoption things in between our last visit and now.  We have another home study session next Friday and then possibly only one more before we go to panel.  At the beginning of the year going to panel seemed a long way away but now it seems to be not very far away at all!
I have been filling my time with making macaroons!  It’s a most excellent distraction from worrying and thinking about babies and helps on many levels.  One is that in a few months/years (probably not years!) time I will probably never have the time to make macaroons ever again, and two is that the whole process is so fiddly and time consuming that you can’t possibly think about anything else.  The unfortunate side effect is that I seem to be growing my very own macaroon baby, gestation probably about a month!  I’m hoping that it won’t go to full term or they may decide I’m not fit to adopt!!  Still, I would definitely recommend taking up a new hobby at the start of the adoption process.  It is a most excellent way to while away the hours and think about other things!
So it was lgbt adoption and fostering week this week.  I haven’t really been involved but have been admiring all of the wonderful gay mums and dads out there.  There have been some fabulous, really inspirational stories and it’s been really good to see it all over the news etc. etc.  I think there are some people in the world that find gay people adopting a hard concept to accept and I’m sure that all this publicity has gone a long way in helping people to understand and addressing their misconceptions with reality, statistics and facts, rather than just their old fashioned, misinformed opinions.  Being a scientist, I quite like statistics and evidence, and it is really encouraging for me to read studies about gay parents being as good as, if not better than heterosexual couples.  I think I’ve said before that I would never presume to be a better parent because of my sexuality, but I guess gay people can’t accidently get pregnant, so the children in their care are 100% wanted, which would mean statistically there would be less issues.  That’s the way I see it anyway!

The doors go in on our extension this week.  The plastering has been done and it’s starting to look more like a house than a building site which is nice.  I’m so looking forward to getting home and sorting out my kitchen.  I love cooking and baking and it’s going to be really wonderful to have somewhere to store all our kitchen gadgets and things.  So exciting!  I wonder how many months of macaroon making there will be before it’s nothing but tray bakes and flapjacks!
Right...I need to get on with some school work.

I hope you are all well.

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