Thursday, 18 April 2013

A frivolous post for a change!


The sunshine is bringing out the best in both Squiblet and I...I don't think she had a sad face yesterday and today she cried when I turned the hoover on but moments later was dancing under the hose and saying "rainbow" and then shrieking as I chased her round the room singing an improvised hoovering song which (thankfully) now I can't even remember.

What I wanted to write about today was animal accents.  I don't know about you but when I am being the voice of different animals, I am overcome with the urge to use some sort of bizarre accent.  I was reflecting on this after yesterday Squiblet wanted to "show it [her playdough pond] slug [a playdough slug]" in this instance I was the slug (oh the glamour) and for some reason I gave the slug a Bob Hoskins style accent and was saying things like "oooh, that's lovely, that is..real lovely....whatya got over there then?...oohhh....a frog...he's a fine lookin' fella, he is..."  Just like when I read a book with a duck in it and I come over all Janet Street Porter.  I can't help myself!  Am I alone in this?!

That's all for today as I'm heading over to to stock up on cake tins and icing (only a month until b-day!).  I'm getting pretty excited now!  I have invited a few of her little friends from her music class so I hope they can come.  I don't know if it's random to invite people who haven't been round before but never mind if it is...I've done it now!

Oh, and I should also share the swimming joy!  She's floating on a woggle, kicking her legs, smiling and GETTING HER HAIR WET now!  Amazing.  Oh...and (proud Mummy) she knows her left and right! Impressive stuff!  Sorry...will try not to do that too much!

Hope you are all chirpy in the sunshine too. x

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