Monday, 1 April 2013

Happy Easter!

Sorry for the lack of posts lately...we have been having far too much fun!

Squiblet is now walking and running without the need for our 'ands (hands) to assist her and she's like a new woman. She has elevated herself from jolly to extra jolly with her newfound freedom! Her speech is just amazing...she knows her colours too! (Proud mum!) and she is just all smiles. I'm hoping this's great! Mama goes back to work tomorrow and all our usual classes and clubs are cancelled for Easter so the next couple of weeks could be a bit weird.  Then Squiblet's foster carer is coming so will let you know how that goes. I think most of her memories of them now are hooked on the photograph we look of them in our living room rather than having real, clear memories of living in their house as whenever she mentions them she says "sofa". We showed her a video of her at the foster carer's house the other day and it made her quite sad. She cried a bit and was quiet for a few days but after that she was perkier than ever.  Our new social worker says that we don't need to push it and can be guided by what we think, which is reassuring. I don't think she really has a relationship that needs maintaining but I think the important thing is that she knows that she can talk about it if she wants to.

She has been enjoying Easter crafting and making cards and things lately and can settle to concentrate on something for a bit longer now. We bought her some Happyland toys which are pretty hideous but mean she can engage safely in imaginative play. At the moment she still keeps putting things in  her mouth so I wouldn't trust her with playmobil quite yet. But she has been enjoying having little imaginary tea parties and baths and things which is wonderful to see as she has reached a new stage in the way she pretends and thinks about things. Today she said "hold on..keys!" And I said "you can't hold on to mummy's keys but I've got a lovely pretend set of keys here", passed her nothing and she was perfectly happy playing with the pretend keys! Amazing! I wonder how long it will last.

I think we have finally come to a decision about work. I don't think I want to return in January as we have always said we would rather be poor and give her time. We have worked out that if I work 2 days a week then after nursery fees I will earn £200! It doesn't really seem like it makes sense. So I have a plan to make an app....possibly an ambitious plan but we will see. One of the resources I put on the tes website has been really popular and I'm planning to try and make it into a program but we shall see. We have invested in a mac and if nothing comes of it we will have gained a lovely computer and not really lost anything.  Hopefully I can do revision tutoring and things too, rather than regular tutoring and that will help and will keep my intelligence at a slightly higher than toddler level! So I need to talk to school about what they think. It's scary times, diving into a one salary world but I feel like it's the right thing for us right now. But I am losing a bit of sleep and worrying about branching out on my own.  Eeeek!

So that's us.  Oh, and our first visit away (to my parents' house) went really well. She loves her Gramma and Dadad (Grandma and Grandad) and I think the extra attention really kickstarted her walking on her own.

I've been really emotional over the last few days!  So much has happened and she is just so perky and happy and it makes me feel so wonderful and proud of her and lucky to be her family. Her relationship with her Mama has really developed too as they have been spending a lot more time together and Mama now does bath time on her own while I do the clearing up. I think their attachment is really growing which is so great to watch, and also takes the pressure off me a little bit. I didn't really feel particularly under pressure but now I feel like our little family is getting stronger and stronger and it's just so great!

We visited a farm this weekend and saw all the piglets and lambs and chicks and things. I'm not religious but I think all the new life and sunshine and hope for the future has made me all emotional!

Happy Easter everyone! X

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