Thursday, 11 July 2013

Making memories

When Squiblet first came to us she was very unsure about being in water. She refused baths for a little while, didn't like her head getting wet, and cried at her first few swimming lessons. We have worked really hard over the past few months to calm her fears and encourage her enjoyment of water.

She has been such a little star and has overcome her fears. Her confidence in the water has blossomed before our eyes and she now giggles, sings and splashes every week in her swimming lessons and every day in the bath - she has even started to pour water over her own head!

We recently discovered a nearby campsite with a heated outdoor pool so this memory is of her swimming happily in the sunshine.

For me it speaks of how far she has come since being with us. From the subdued little bum-shuffler who was kept indoors and was scared of water to the colourful exuberant scamp who laughs, runs and swims under bright blue skies.


  1. If children can be confident in water it is the best fun for them. I love being on holiday by a pool and watching the boys in and out of the water. Very much liking the picture too. Great Memory Box moment. x

  2. Love the picture - well done on the obscuring of the person in the background too!

    And a great post Mama Laura! Brilliant that Squiblet has come so far in a relatively short space of time too :-)

    1. Thank you! All brought to you thanks to the great advice an the Adoption Social!

  3. fantastic! I too have a water traumatised and reluctant little one, who is beginning to blossom.

  4. We're foster carers not adopters, but both the boys we have in placement (unrelated) were frightened of the bath and had never been swimming when they arrived. Learning early about water play/safety/skills gives you such freedom as an older child and adult, it's a privilege to help the little ones increase in confidence whilst they're with us :)