Friday, 8 July 2011

Form filling and information sessions


My first post...excitement. I thought I would document our experience with the information sessions we have attended so far.

So after advice from the lovely people at we decided we should check out two different adoption agencies. Where we live there is one big county one and a smaller city local authority. We thought we would go with the county one as it's nearer but on advice went to the other one just in case. Wow...I'm glad we did! The county one talked about wanting adopters from different backgrounds at the beginning but the whole presentation was littered with "they need a Mum and a Dad" as well as crayon drawings of mummies and daddies. Ridiculous. Definitely not practising what they preached there! There was also an overwhelming vibe that they were doing us a favour and potential adopters were almost an inconvenience. Erm...more like essential! I don't like the way they made you feel like it was a hideous trial you had to go through to "prove your worth". Odd. Anyway, we went off to the city one and they were genuinely inclusive and wonderful and incredibly friendly (plus we didn't have to take part in a cringey quiz).

Which means that I would definitely reinforce the advice we were given: you're awesome, they need you so shop around!

So after more form filling in we've been offered a home visit by the county authority (their session was first) and we've sent off our form for the city one. Hopefully the social worker will be able to come during the school holidays.


I'm already feeling like I don't know if we want one or two children. Lovely sensible people seem to suggest that you just wait and see nearer the time. Although clearly it is something we need to think/talk about a lot!

So...that's the end of my first post. Will I keep this up I wonder. I'll try!

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