Friday, 15 July 2011

Parenting talk and nesting

I don't know if it's just me but currently all the programmes on TV are about parenting and everywhere we go there are parents! And all we seem to talk about is parenting, parenthood, etc. We're currently looking at improving our home: large scale nesting I think. Putting an extension on the back for a big family kitchen and getting a wood burner and solar panels. Future proofing, I believe it's called. It's exciting to be thinking about changing our garden to be more child friendly and having an extra bedroom to fill.

I think we're at the stage where we're not sure if we should be saving money or spending it. My maternal instincts are telling me to save up nest eggs (!) and then the other half of me wants to make our home as wonderful as possible now because in a few years' time it will be a lot more difficult to paint and have home improvements done. But I guess it's easy to get swept away in all the excitement when in reality our family finding days are a long way off really. At the moment I'm not sure if it will go scarily fast or horribly slowly, it seems like there is no in between with the adoption process. That reminds me of an assembly some of the sixth form physics students gave on roller coasters; it's not the speed they go but the change in speed which makes them so terrifying! I think it may be the same with the adoption process!


  1. We're in the same state, feeling guilty for spending money on ourselves instead of a currently fictitious child! Same sex parenting seems to be on every tv programme and soap right now and seems to be the latest right wing political device in the states so very newsworthy. At some point you'll need to have a parenting / adoption detox!

  2. Yes indeed, it's a funny place to be really! For a while I didn't buy anything but I'm over that now! In a way it feels like we should probably enjoy having more disposable income as in a few years time we won't have it! But then maybe we should be saving it for a rainy day. Tricky! We're off in holiday soon so hopefully we will chill out a bit, but I expect we will be discussing extensions etc. It's nice to talk about but as you say, a bit bizarre as this fictional child is probably not even born and we haven't even been approved yet...weird!
    Thanks for being my first comment writer!