Wednesday, 20 July 2011


Happy news indeed. I phoned the City adoption agency yesterday and said "we've been offered a home visit with the county one but I said we would rather have you!". They phoned back and are coming for a home visit on Wednesday next week! Should last about 1 1/2 hours. I'd better bake some biscuits! Funny how I like to do that really, it's not like I'm trying to prove how much of a Nigella I am or anything, I just like to make people feel welcome! I really am so very 50's... I think I even have a bottle of shake 'n vac somewhere...

Sorry...veering wildly off topic!

Anyhow, we are very excited about this home visit, and it's quite nice to think that two agencies wanted us! I guess that makes me feel less nervous about the whole thing.

So we're actually on the starting line now, rather than just lurking outside the stadium somewhere! I hope we get put on a training course in October. My head of department wasn't too keen on the idea but it can't be helped. I've just emailed school to ask whether they will provide adoption pay which is equivalent to maternity pay so we shall have to wait and see. I will keep you posted.

I'm currently trapped in the bedroom as the extreme nesting has somewhat taken over the house. The main living area looks like something out if CSI because it's completely covered with plastic sheets. Log burner and solar panels this week...obviously essential to family life! We are so strange! Our architect came yesterday about the extension. We really need a third bedroom and I want a kitchen I can cook and supervise children in, but it's so very odd planning the design of our new house around our imaginary family. Though I want everything g be perfect, in some respects I really don't because I'm a clumsy old thing and I don't want our children to feel scared to sneeze and avoid Ribena like I did as a child...white foods and clear liquids only in this house...hideous! The architect has understood me brilliantly as is planning some kind of amazing two kitchen showy kitchen in the open plan living space where I can pretend to be Nigella and another one in a giant cupboard which I can fill with mess and shut he door...fantastic!

I'm sensing this has turned into a ramble so I shall leave it there.

Much chaos and excitement though! Excellent!

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