Wednesday, 13 March 2013

The sun has got his hat on...

Hello all,

The sun has got his hat back on. I'm out from under my cloud. Squiblet is poorly but we have been enjoying lots of cuddles and TV and quiet play and all has been well. I tried out aqua beads as recommended by many jolly creative parenting blogs and they went down very well. She enjoyed playing with them and exploring how they got bigger and bounced and squished and things. And that made me feel like a good mummy again.
I'm glad I have so many friends and lovely parents and a partner to talk to about how I feel. It makes me feel like actually, I am doing a good job despite sometimes when I'm tired, not really feeling like it at all.
It's funny how when they are ill, they still seem to be full of beans but teetering on the edge of chaos. She keeps wandering around saying "poorly, mummy!" Poor old sausage!

So things are slowly returning to normal. I feel like I've got my normal, positive hat on and I'm back to feeling happy and contented with our wonderful new life. Phew! I didn't like being trapped in a cloud!

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