Sunday, 10 March 2013

Things are on the up!


Thought I would update anyone concerned that Mama is now loads better. I feel reassured that I can do it on my own if necessary (despite minor exhaustion and craziness) and life is returning to normal.

Squiblet now has a cold but seems to be enjoying the medicine, extra cuddles and jelly which having a cold comes along with.

I'm loving her speech and her creative play at the moment! Grandma (my mum) really kickstarted her pretend play last time she was here and now it's wonderful to watch her playing independently with her happyland and Duplo. It's brilliant. We all had a cuddle the other day and she said "ramily" aka "family!" We all melted a little bit.

I'm still wondering about work in the future. What I could do which would fit in with being the parent I want to be to squiblet. I'm not sure there is an ideal solution. Let me know if you think of one!

We are heading out to Grandma and Grandad's for our first overnight trip in the next few weeks. We have face timed with Grandma and she has shown us the house and the cot so I'm hoping it goes well.  Will let you know.

Love to you all.


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