Thursday, 14 March 2013

Bath time!

For me! 

9 weeks in and tomorrow Mama is taking Squiblet to the library while I stay at home and have a bath! Brilliant! I think an hour to myself and I will be 100% back on form!

Squiblet is still snotty but is getting there. I'm absolutely bowled over by her speech at the moment. She is really getting into her imaginative play. Today she actually played happily for 5 minutes without me there. This is a real breakthrough! I was very excited! It makes me feel like she is getting more and more settled. It's really cute how she narrates what they are doing "'! Slide...up up up...wheeeee!" It's lovely to listen to and really makes me smile. She really is such a sunny little thing! She had her hair cut today and spent most of it grinning at me and saying "chop chop snip" whilst making cutting actions with her hands. She has started making sentences like "George...where are you? He's hiding!" Which I think is pretty blooming impressive for a 22 monther! I'm turning into one of those parents who thinks their child is a genius...oops!

We made a hummingbird cake today...delicious! She loves baking with me! She gets so excited! She was tasting and smelling all the ingredients and she loves to narrate; "pouring, mixing, stirring, eggs...bash, bash...CRACK!!" It's really jolly. We made a mess but we also made a delicious cake and had lots of fun!

Before I go I want to give a shout out to my friends and family. It's been a really hard week and they have all been there in the background with positive texts, words of wisdom, and my parents have been face timing with Squiblet and keeping her amused by taking her on tours of their house! It's been great to have this quietly brilliant and supportive group of people right behind us when we need them.

And a shout out to Mama too, of course! Because we are a "ramily" now! :D

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