Friday, 17 May 2013

Spots, stripes and comfy pyjamas.


I've just spent the evening blowing up balloons and getting ready for Squiblet's birthday party!  So exciting!  It's a spots and stripes theme with the key features being (sorry, I'm a science teacher...I love a bullet point!)

  • Spotty balloons
  • Spotty paper straws (retro cool)
  • A spotty cake with spots ON THE INSIDE...we have yet to cut it to find out if this actually worked but if it did I will post pictures!
  • Stripy bunting made from sweet bags
  • Giant spotty and stripy "art".  I've stuck a massive sheet of sticky back plastic, sticky side up on the window and am going to let the small folk go nuts with spotty feathers, pipe cleaners, fluffy dots, milk bottle lids etc. so they can make art.  Will post pictures of this too!
  • Spotty party hats
  • Spotty food
  • A stripy jelly...which I am going to attempt to turn out...onto a plate...Squiblet loves that song!
So, in summary...I'm quite excited.  Can you tell?  I'm typing fast and my sentences are short...I'm very excited!  Squiblet is exited too, she keeps saying "party!" and doing a little dance!  Wahoo.  The sad thing is that Mama is still poorly.  She has been ill on and off for weeks and weeks, so aside from meaning I had to blow up all the balloons to save them being biological warfare weapons, it also means she's just not quite as jolly as usual, which is sad.  She's just picking up bug after bug and I don't feel like I'm giving her all the attention and tlc I used to because I'm just too pooped myself!  It makes me feel bad, but I know that she knows I'm doing my best and Squiblet is happy as Larry at the moment...long may that continue.

Squiblet had her 6 month "child in care" medical on Monday and they confirmed that she is 6 months to a year ahead in her speech and comprehension and has caught up in all the other areas too.  More than that though, the doctor was so genuinely happy to see Squiblet doing so well.  She said that Squiblet is almost unrecognisable and just seems to be incredibly settled and happy, as well as progressing well.  She said she would let the people in our panel know as they would be really happy to hear about us.  So that was really nice!  She was so complementary to us...asked us if we would adopt more!  We're only 4 months in!   And I *love* being a three at the moment.  I love the fact that we have so much time and attention for her.  No way am I ready for another one...yet!  We'll see!

Squiblet now swims underwater and finds it fun.  We spent the whole of our swimming lesson giggling together this week.  It was hilarious!  I was actually really enjoying myself without any particular effort which was nice and either she picked up on my vibe or maybe it was her cheerful new swimming costume, but we had a really wonderful time.

All positives again!  Sorry!  Well, not really sorry!  The airport on the way home from Scotland was a hideous nightmare.  Because she turned two while we were away, she had to have a seat for the way home, where she was on Mama's lap on the way out.  Turns out that the lady at FlyBe who I called about this months ago had booked her a guide dog seat so her boarding card had a code meaning dog instead of her name, which meant they might not let her through!  So that took 20 minutes of waiting and then we queued for an hour at security.  I was so glad we had the buggy with us as she happily snacked for most of the time [dried banana chips are such a winner because they are so hard they take ages to eat] and the rest of the time was spent with me inanely saying things like "wow...a red suitcase...oooh...gosh, look at that man's green shoes...did you see, that girl has a rabbit on her jumper..." for an hour!  Phew...exhausting, and Mama was really poorly.  :(  

The wedding went well.  It's tricky when you have such a little cutie because everyone wants to take pictures and she can be quite camera shy, I think it's maybe something to do with the negative connotations of cameras and the massive amount of birth parent contact she had before she was placed. From what birth mum showed us, much of the contact sessions were spent being coerced into doing things for videos or smiling for the camera and I think sometimes she's had enough.  I could be reading too much into this though!  But it's just my observations as usual.  The ceremony was funny because she was sitting on my lap saying loudly and clearly "Squiblet...quiet...Mummy...quiet...Mama....quiet!" very cute!  Nobody seemed to mind though...she was very good!

Oh and before I go...the comfy pyjamas.  Squiblet has a really fun pair from Gap kids and I made it my mission to find an adult pair.  They are sort of skinny fit, jersey bottoms.  I bought some from Boden children's, age 13-14 and they are the comfiest thing I have ever worn.  I never want to take them off!  Sadly, they're not stripy or spotty so I won't be able to wear them tomorrow!  It's a slippery slope.  I must not wear them in the day...I must not wear them in the day!

Some of Squiblet's friends from playgroup are coming tomorrow for the first time.  It'll be really nice to have them there and Squiblet is excited.  I don't feel like I have excelled myself at Mummy networking.  The market town mummies are a tough nut to crack and I'm taking my time but in my usual roundabout way, I think I'm getting there.

Right.  Must go...busy day tomorrow!

Take care x


  1. Great to see your having such happy times , thanks for sharing .

  2. I love hearing all the happy stories on your blog - don't apologise for them whatever you do! :) #WASO

  3. What a happy post, apart from poorly mama, but again you made me smile. I bet you were the proudest of mums at the wedding with your beautiful girl. Also that pyjamas thing made me giggle, my youngest, 8, wont wear pj's that aren't that skinny fit with cuffs on the bottom. I also went out and bought a pair and I totally agree, so comfy.

    Thanks for being part of the weekly Adoption Shout Out. x

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