Thursday, 23 May 2013

Treasured moments (for WASO)


I was going to write about how it's all perked up here again and then the WASO thingy came up and I thought "just the job!" I've been keeping a notebook of treasured moments since Squiblet arrived.  For once I'm going to keep things brief.

  • The smile that comes from your eyes and lights up your face when you see me in the morning
  • The time we flew a kite and you ran around chasing it when you had only just learned to walk on your own
  • Watching the easy way you giggle and laugh when you play with your Mama
  • The way you brighten up the world with your cheerful hellos and observations of passers by
  • The way you will offer to share your raisins to the spotty teenage boy at the bus stop
  • The look of delight when we brought out your birthday cake and you shouted "blow it out!"
  • The expression on your face when you tasted ice cream.  It went from shock and almost tears to sheer delight in an instant
  • The way you get excited about the world....about snails, airmlanes (aeroplanes), worms, feathers and pigeons
  • When you try on a new outfit or new shoes you say "new one, mirror!" 
  • The way you can't walk past a flower without saying "smell it"
  • The way when you have a chocolate treat you say "Mama some, Mummy some" because you don't want us to be left out
  • The wonderful way you embrace our friends as your own
  • The way you cuddle people when they are sad or poorly and "rubback" when they cough
  • The serious look on your face when you are sticking or painting or making play dough shapes
Well, not very brief! I got a bit carried away!

Happy times!


  1. Your delight in your daughter shines through again. I should always come and read your posts when things are a little tough but they always lift me.You are inspirational, keep it up.

    Thank you for being part of our Weekly Adoption Shout Out. x

    1. Thanks Sarah. These comments have made me all emotional! I love WASO, it gives me's to Adoption Social!

  2. Thank you for sharing so many beautiful moments Jemma. Like Sarah, I find your posts lift me - they are so positive and make me smile.

    Thank you also for linking up to the Weekly Adoption Shout Out x

    1. Hi Vicki. I'm glad I made you smile! I do try and be positive about things but it doesn't always work!

  3. Just read through your blog. Love it. This post and all the others.

  4. This is a lovely post. We have had a tough week or so with the little fella, and this has helped put things in perspective - thank you.

    1. I'm so pleased that it helped. Thanks for commenting. X

  5. Lovely post, you reminded me of how my girls still to this day say 'hairyclopter' instead of helicopter :)

  6. I love you list - so full of smiles - you said you were brief - I wanted more. Glad I found you on the WASO.

  7. This reminds me to stop thinking how hard the past little while has been and instead think of all the little things I love about my boy and that make me smile. Thank you for the reminder:)