Thursday, 29 August 2013

On the up...and excited about the court order...and look at this amazing art!

Hello everyone.  A week since I started feeling ill, I think I'm finally out the other side of it.  Phew!  I don't think you realise how run down you are until something like that hits you.

Anyway, it's late (pppftt...9.00pm....late...he he) and I don't want to write too much but I wanted to share this amazing art work.  All the work of a very talented person I did biology GCSE with and kept in touch via the wonders of Facebook.  She made this fantastic piece of art for us with the date (now changed) of our adoption order.  We just need to get it printed off and on the wall ASAP!  I can't wait.

If any of you are feeling inspired.  Her website is here:

Twitter: @elliejamdesign

She has some really beautiful things and I'm just so excited to get this one up on the wall.

Will blog properly another day when I'm not about to fall asleep!

Much love x


  1. That is just lovely.

  2. So cute! A friend of mine made me a sort of framed photo-patchwork of all the letters in my son's name (there are a lot!) arranged in lines to make a rectangle (I'm not explaining it very well) to mark our adoption celebrations - a real treasured gift, as I'm sure this one will be for you all!

  3. fabulous and what a lovely way to mark such a special day - hope it all goes well - and the wall art looks fabulous for a very long time to be treasured and admired.