Friday, 2 August 2013

Your DNA's the Recipe

Your DNA's the recipe
With C, G, A and T
Your DNA's the recipe
But the baker, well, that's me.

The recipe says brown eyes,
Blonde curls, cheeky grin
But what makes you laugh, what makes you smile
Is the world you now live in.

We choose our ingredients carefully,
We take you outside to play,
We cuddle, kiss and encourage you
We tell you we love you each day.

 Your DNA made a brain like a sponge
 And we help you to fill it
 Your DNA made a beautiful smile
 And we help you to smile it.

 Your DNA made muscles
 And we help them to grow.
 But what made you sparky and funny
 I guess we'll never really know.

Your DNA's the recipe,
 Your DNA's the code.
 But what you become is down to you
 And we'll help you along the road.

 Your DNA's the recipe,
 But we'll throw in some extra bits,
 Some extra love, some extra care
 And hope it does the trick.

 Your DNA's the recipe,
 It gives us a bit of a clue.
 But how wonderfully brilliant you become,
 Is down to us...and you.


  1. You already know I love this poem, but I'll say it again, I love this poem. The site is looking great too.

  2. Thanks Sarah! Glamorous blog improvements are all down to Mama! But I have been getting used to making photo collages and things!