Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Toddler science/art (fun): Messy play with aqua beads and paint


I tried this out today with Squiblet and it was awesome!  I wasn't quite sure if it would work, but we made some beautiful paintings and Squiblet enjoyed getting messy, having fun, bouncing the balls and making pretty pictures.

Basically I just blobbed some paint into a tray, chucked in some aqua beads (I had already pre-soaked them this time) and Squiblet jiggled the tray around, got stuck in with her hands, bounced the balls, moved the balls around.  She was delighted when they got stuck in the paint and we had to move or jiggle them!  Beware though...this was very messy!  I ended up having to strip and the floor needed a good wash as those aqua beads do travel.  I'm also always very careful that she doesn't eat them as they do look jolly tasty!

I like the way that she discovered how to bounce them (and found this really fun) and also how she learned that if she tilted the tray they would move towards her.

It was a really easy, fun activity to try!

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