Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Toddler science: super sorta logic

We had an impromptu sorting session this morning before heading off to the zoo which was 100% initiated by Squiblet.  That's the beauty of putting these things where they can reach them; it's wonderful to see her making decisions about what she wants to do.

I bought some little pompoms and some toddler tweezers from Amazon quite a few months ago and just encouraged Squiblet to try using the tweezers to get the pompoms into a juice bottle.  She found it tricky and would try a few times, then say "Mummy do it!' or use her hands...but now she can do it fairly easily and interestingly she's much more willing to give it a bash when it was her idea in the first place (aren't we all?!).  I've got this equipment rather nattily displayed in a smoothie cup which I washed out so it looks quite cool on the shelf and makes for a quick tidy up at the end and I've taken the labels off the juice bottles so they look a bit more attractive.

This morning Squiblet put a few pompoms in the bottle but then decided she wanted to sort them by colour which she did quite successfully.  I got some coloured plates out to help her.  Then I said...or we could sort them by size.  She was unconvinced and proceeded to sort them back into colours again.

Then (as I love happens with this sort of play) when Squiblet got bored of that she decided it would be fun to stack the plates and put them away.  Then she explored putting the tops on the bottles and told me that they smelled like dried apricots which got me thinking that I want to do more with smells as she's really interested in that at the moment (watch this space!).

We then moved on to sorting with her super sorting pie (a present from one of our lovely friends) - see picture.  She's really started to get into that now and I love the way it will grow with her as it can be used for more complex sorting and counting later on.  I also love the way it has an imaginative aspect to it too.

But my favourite bit was when she looked at the bottom of one of the bottles and said "got a sun bright." Inspiring!

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