Monday, 16 January 2012

Attachment style interview

So, I had a meeting on my own today for my attachment style interview.  It was a bit nerve wracking because she came to school and taped the whole thing on a little dictaphone.  I'll give you a rough idea of what it involved.

You had to name three people that you often confide in and then list significant life events over the past year.  I picked a student who had been rather difficult and the death of my grandma as they were the major ones.  We then talked about whether I had talked to the significant three people about these events, and what their response had been.  We talked about what sorts of things I felt comfortable discussing with them.  It was things like could I talk to them about health, family, sexual issues, financial issues etc.

She asked a lot about arguments and I honestly said that I don't really have hideous arguments with people. Occasionally I might have jokey ones, or get a bit tetchy but nothing like the ones on Eastenders!  When I tried to give examples of the most significant ones in he past year the social worker (it seems very impersonal and odd to keep calling her "the social worker", maybe I should give her an alias!) laughed at me because they were all a bit silly.  But rightly or wrongly, I am more of a passive sort and that is just who I am.  I think as I've got older I've learned to stand up for myself more, but never in an aggressive way!

Then it moved on to general relationships, how easily you trust other people, whether you feel like people will let you down if you trust them etc.  How do you react if your partner is late home etc. Oh, and there was a bit on how easily you make friends and build relationships and if you have a problem who do you go to.

All in all, it went very quickly (she said I was her quickest ever *glows with pride*) and wasn't too hideous!  I think if you're prepared to just be honest, but not go into too much detail, then it isn't really anything to worry about.

It was quite tiring though!

But in other news, I am rather tired because I stayed up late last night watching Sherlock and eating cheese (quite ridiculous really).  We also finalised the design of our kitchen today and I can't quite believe that we will actually be the owners of such a nice kitchen (and extension) in a few month's time!


It really is all go!   X


  1. I've just had my interview, it was very similar. I did think quite often that I was answering the questions in a way that I thought would enhance my overall result (I didn't mention the blazing rows that I have had with my mother), however for the most part I was honest and I think that I will not come out as an insecure fruitake who can't bond or communicate. It is bloody hard work and frustratingly repetitive.

  2. I have one next week, can you give me more info x x