Sunday, 8 January 2012

First home study visit on Friday, here we are about to start our home study. All our referees have received their forms now and have been diligently filling them in and letting us know of their progress. In some ways it is really lovely to formally have the support of your family and friends and in another way it's odd that in a small way it feels like we need their approval and opinion before we are allowed to be parents.

We are both sort of excited and a little nervous to start our home study. On New Family Social recently there seem to have been quite a few people for whom which their social workers have taken a statement out of context or made a small comment into a big issue, so I think we are more worried than we were. But I keep saying that we just have to be ourselves and if there are any issues, we need to deal with them anyway. I guess you just have to hope your social worker doesn't find issues that you don't think exist.

I helped out at my friend's six year old daughter's birthday party today. Basically they were decorating cupcakes and going mad with sprinkles and edible glitter. It was all very jolly! It makes me rather excited to think that in not too long we get to be all mad and creative and make crazy birthday cakes and host crazy parties! It makes our extension all the more exciting when you consider it's use in the future. We are having a third bedroom and study, but also a large kitchen/diner/living room to replace the current incredibly small kitchen. The space will certainly be good for parties! All very exciting and again (as always) I'm getting hugely ahead of myself.

So...back to school tomorrow. I'm not feeling much about it at all really. I'm usually nervous and excited but I think, with my Grandma's funeral on Wednesday, all my emotions are there really. It will be good to say goodbye and begin to start healing properly as at the moment, think I'm coping with a fairly superficial mask. At least I only have two days at school before Wednesday...I'm sure I can cope!

Do let me know if you are reading this and whether you find it interesting or boring or if you have any questions! Being a teacher, I'm always asking the children I teach for feedback on my lessons so it is quite weird for me writing all this stuff and then just seeing the reader numbers on the little statistics tab!

I hope you are all well and haven't caught any of the horrible bugs which are going around.

I will let you know how Friday goes!



  1. I have you in an app on my iPad so your posts are always read! Keep up the good work. I don't envy you at all with the building work though!!!

  2. Thank you! And thanks for the feedback. The building work is quite scary, but also very fun! I can't wait until it is finished. Maybe i'll post some pictures of I can work out how!