Sunday, 22 January 2012

Fun with babies!

Hello chaps.

What a jolly day I have had today. No real adoption news. The lovely L has done her attachment style questionnaire with no probs so that's good. I will let you know our attachment styles and feedback when I get it. Other than that I've got my meeting where I talk about my childhood next week, and then we're cracking on! We are meeting some of the people we met on our prep course at some point in the next month or so which is nice. It's definitely very important to have a solid support network both locally and family/friends.

Today was just fun. The holiday home we are staying in is so nice. We had a lie in, cooked breakfast on the Aga and then headed off to meet our friends. I spent a little while cuddling babies which was fun! I love being a fake Auntie (you know, one of those people you call an Auntie even though you're not related to them. It is seriously fun! I'm getting much better at cuddling and comforting babies now. I used to be a bit scared of breaking them but now I just find it very fun! And it's so nice to see L playing with babies and making them laugh, it certainly makes you think about what the future will bring.

So. We have enjoyed being people without children this weekend (lie-in), we have enjoyed being aunties (baby jiggling) and we are looking forward to what the future holds. It still seems crazy that 2012 is the year we extended our house and who knows what else... Oh yes, we went to see the house yesterday and seeing that new 3rd bedroom (which now has walls!) made us feel very excited for the future. We are looking forward to lots of lazy weekend breakfasts as a family, cooking pancakes etc. on our island. It's all a bit rose tinted and idyllic at the moment but ho hum...I think that's ok as long as you appreciate that it is and won't be disappointed later.

On a more hilarious note, we purchased the babygros in the picture for the twins today. They are tacky and hideous but just quite hilarious! We couldn't resist. I wonder if my friend will let them wear them!! Possibly once all the other ones have been vomited on! Quite funny also as one of their real aunts is a lesbian (not fake aunts like us).

I think my blog has taken a turn for the random today so apologies to you serious readers!

I will be back with serious adoption news (or unrelated rambles) some time soon!

Take care, everyone!

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