Monday, 2 January 2012

Sorry it's been so long.

Hello folks, happy new year to you all.  I'll have to be quick as I have about five million other things to be doing but I felt that a blog was definitely in order. could be the year...or equally likely could not be. We shall see! We have spent Christmas enjoying cuddling and playing with other people's gorgeous babies which was really lovely.  I think we both think about being parents a lot now, and we always have a lot to talk about after lots of baby exposure as it gets our hormones going!  It's strange to think that in not too long we will all have children who can play together etc. although that still seems a little way off.

The reason for the crazy busyness is that we are packing up our house ready for moving out as the building work will start on Monday 9th. It's all a bit of an upheaval but one which will be worth it in the end, I'm sure. I am very excited about our big family kitchen as cooking and messy play with kids is really important to me.

My Grandmother passed away on Thursday this week (just 4 days ago) and the emotional impact of that really hit me yesterday. She was a truly remarkable lady and a real friend of mine as well as being my Grandmother.  We will tell our children about her but it is deeply saddening to me that they will never get to know her and experience her uniquely positive outlook on life.   I'm hoping enough has rubbed off on me to be passed on.  It's strange how now I always consider the impact of these things on the future as well as the present. I guess I am really starting to emotionally prepare myself for having a child.

So, we are off and out on Saturday for around three months whilst our wee bungalow is knocked down and remodelled into something much more exciting.  The most exciting bit being the third bedroom which will be home to our new addition when they arrive.  For now it will just be built as a white, blank canvas ready for us to cover with wall stickers, pictures and mobiles when they arrive (although not too much...don't want them to be overstimulated!).  I'm getting ahead of myself slightly! 

So our social worker hasn't called yet but I gather that Christmas is quite a crazy time of year for children's social workers (horrible thought) so we are just keeping patient and waiting our turn.  I guess soon our home visits will start in earnest.  Luckily we have a lovely holiday cottage to rent whilst we are homeless so the outlook for the next three months isn't too bleak.  At one point we were thinking about living in and camping in our own home...I'm glad we rethought that one as I'm not sure I could cope with that right now.

So I'm starting 2012 in a rather emotionally fragile and tired state, although I know that my Grandma was excited about all the plans we had for the future and that definitely helps.  As do all my lovely friends and family.  My friend has been sending me jolly pictures of the twins (the ones we held the baby shower for) and they are just adorable.  You just can't be sad when looking at those lovely little faces!

I hope 2012 is good to everyone! X

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