Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Day 8 of 10


Wowzeroonie, what an amazingly brilliant few days we have had, and I don't say wowzeroonie for just anything fact, I'm not sure I've ever said it before...probably for the best...

Anyhoo.  What a wonderful few days!  She has been at our house for the past three days and it's so much easier! Taking her out for the day was lovely and the foster carers have been gracious and lovely hosts, but it's just so much more relaxed and fun in our house and we can do all the things we have been hoping to do with her.  She has been drawing on the chalk board and playing on the swing and the slide, feeding the chickens, doing the "washing up" [throwing water everywhere].  Yesterday we let her play with a big tray of uncooked rice and she just loved it!  She put her feet in it, she threw it around, she giggled and shouted "mess!" It was awesome!  I'm not sure she has had much mess/outdoors yet, and it's wonderful to introduce her to how much fun it is!  The look of concentration and wonder on her little face is just amazing to see and she giggles with delight and says "more" and "again!"

Nap times have been the scariest part.  Yesterday she tantrummed for 10 minutes before settling.  We hug her lots and then put her down and leave her for 10 minutes only.  If she doesn't settle (like today) then I go back and cuddle and calm her and then we start again.  It seems to work.  I don't think that's too harsh.  It seems reasonable that she might be feeling sad and might need a little cry.  I don't know but she seems to be perky and happy again when she wakes up.  Today when she woke up I cuddled her on her bed and Mama read her a story.  It was lovely!  It was just the sort of family moment I have been dreaming of.  We had a lovely walk today too, with her narrating everything she saw.

We just hope everything keeps going as it is, really.  I hope she can sleep on Friday night when she sleeps here for the first time.  She was calmer today when she went for her nap so I think she is getting there.

But we love her so much!  So, so much!  It's wonderful.  When she's not here we feel funny and jittery and nervous and anxious but when she is here it all just melts away and all we do is play and laugh!  She is starting to get a bit of separation anxiety when she can't see me, which I think must be good.  She clings to me when she has to leave and I have to put her down because no-one can prise her off me.

I think we are doing well.  We are tired and I am unusually quiet when she is not around.  I usually spend my life jabbering away but now I sit in the car and I'm sort of steam rollered!

Talking of steam rollered.  I think it's time to stop blogging and start vegetating!

Lots of love xx

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