Friday, 11 January 2013

Songs in my's move in day!


Wow.  In half an hour we leave to pick up our daughter and bring her home.

Songs in my head:

"We are mums, no-one can tell us we're wrong" (we are young, not sure who its by!)
"Because today, is the day-hay when two become mu-hu hums (Spice Girls, two become one)

I'm this horrible mixture of Christmas excited and fear in my tummy!

Hopefully now we can all start settling down and enjoying being a family without 2 hours of driving each day and feeling very strange when she isn't here.

The sun is coming up, the sky is blue with some little wispy clouds and today our lives will change forever.

Not sure when I will be back to blog.  Not too long if she's napping and sleeping, ages if she isn't!

Lots of love xx

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