Friday, 18 January 2013

Exploring the "nose"

We have had a lovely day again today.  She is napping now and I have been sleeping! She is gaining in confidence which means she can play on her own which makes me less tired and we are all happy and settled! It's great!

My fears about becoming a frumpy mum are being realised pretty fast! A combination of two in one shampoo and conditioner and a little person telling me my sleeve is "messy!" and pointing out the "spot!" on my chin tells me I'm currently a long way from yummy mummy! Oh well! Hopefully I'll get there. I woke up with a migraine this morning and had to pop pills and sleep before I got her up but we have managed and I feel ok now! Just a bit sleepy.

Yesterday she stood on her own for the first time. Only for a few seconds but it was just amazing to watch! I can't believe it now when I see her bending down to pick things up with her feet flat. It's really quite extraordinary how far she has come in just a week!  I hear here saying..."right then..." and "careful!" and "yup!" and today I was drinking my tea with my legs draped over the side of the armchair and noticed she was doing the same! It's not taken her long to adopt our funny ways! Scary really.

She has taken to playing peekaboo with the mole on my chest which means she covers it up with my jumper, uncovers it and shouts "boo" in my face! She is a funny, funny old thing! 

We went out in the snow today and her lack of confidence came through again because she just wanted to be held by me the whole time.  It was lovely though as she was catching snowflakes in her hand after a while and looking at everything she recognised as now being covered in snow.

She's great! I'm frumpy and not wearing makeup but still pretty great! I even managed to do the ironing today! 

Take care everyone and don't get too chilly! X

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