Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Hip seat


I forgot to mention this amazing contraption for anyone else adopting I can't rate it highly enough.

Our little one is 20 months and she loves it. Not only that but it settles her down in a most amazing way and I can do things with her on it without hurting my back. We load the dishwasher together, we collect things from round the house, we make cakes and my back doesn't hurt at all. My arms do a bit! It's not as restrictive as a sling so she retains her toddler independence. She loves it, she shouts "seat!" when she sees it and she cries "'elping" as we do things together.

It's a godsend!


  1. hi..jasmine gave me your blog details. hubby and I were approved 3rd Jan. ..we are now riding the roller coaster of linking/matching. ..reading your blog made me cry and smile and and has given me hope...!!
    I wish you and and your little family health,happiness and lots of love and laughter...Melanie. xx

  2. Thank you, sorry my iPad is being silly!

    I'm glad you have found our story useful. We found the wait between approval and matching by far the hardest part. You have to take heart that your family is out there, they just need to find you and when they do, it will be magical.

    Wishing you lots of luck and sending you love at what I know is such a testing and difficult time.

    Keep me posted.