Saturday, 26 January 2013



Just a quick update to let you know how it's all going.

In the words of my wise old partner:

"We have managed to have people round, host an impromptu lunch, our house doesn't look like sh*t, our hair is washed, we are eating and sleeping...I think we must be doing bloody well!"

Wise words indeed!

We had some friends round today and our little one was on her best, smiliest, behaviour! She was appropriately clingy at first, but then excited and happy to play and had a wonderful time feeding the ducks with our old friends.  It was great! I felt like a normal parent, and I was so proud of her, she was just delightful! She's great! So they can come again! It's lovely to be able to have friends over and share her with them, and it meant I could make lunch without her asking to come "up!"

The other brilliant thing which has happened all on its own is that she has really started attaching to my partner. The social worker who visited on Wednesday made us worry about it and suggested that I was doing too much (bedtimes and naps etc), but we disagreed as we felt it was important for her to have the security of knowing what was what and so we have been doing these things together but with her sitting on my lap. But today, it was brilliant! She spontaneously wanted to sit on Mama's lap and have a story this morning and she was going to Mama today when she felt unsettled! Victory! We thought...don't push it, don't force it...let her come when she's ready, and it worked!  Sometimes the social workers really don't know best! Our social worker also suggested that we don't go to the music class as it is a low priority for her, but we went anyway and she **LOVED** it!  She was in her element because she loves being around other children and she loves music. So again...not such great advice from SS!

Our friend came round with her 3 month old little boy on Friday and squiblet absolutely adored him! They had lots of cuddles and kisses and she played with him while he giggled, it was very cute.

So things are settling here. She is calmer, albeit crazily walking about just holding one hand now squeaking away in her squeaky boots and putting her heels down when she walks! We are more settled, less anxious and can manage her quite well now. I try to warn her of everything that will happen and she responds really well to that; "when we get to that lamppost you need to get in the buggy because you're getting tired" "we will have one more book and then it's nap time" and I'm amazed at how well it works.

Mama is back to work on Monday and my parents arrive tomorrow so next week will be a bit different. She's a bit worried about it and I will miss her lots and lots but hopefully we will settle down and fit into a routine.

My last piece of news is that I'm starting a "things you do that make us smile" book. I bought a note book and I'm going to start writing down all the nutty and wonderful things she does that make is laugh and smile. It will be great for her when she is older, but also great for us if we have days when things are less rosy!

So I'm off to start that now!

And then I'm going to lie down!


Lots of love x

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